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When & Where You Want It

Season-long imagery, interpretation, and precision solutions are the tools we provide to help your operation maximize profitabiliy. We utilize a host of different tools tailored to the unique conditions found within your fields. 

We strive to offer you the highest quality data we can produce, as fast as possible. In many cases, imagery can be reveiewed and anayized in the field within minutes of collection. We pride ourselves on providing much more than imagery alone. We enjoy working with your advisiors, as well as our own, to provide meaningful solutions to the challenges you face as crop producers. 

Geo-Referenced Maps & Data Easily Integrate Into Your Existing Ag-Data Management Software

Instant Reports Are Emailed Directly To You From The Field

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Imagery Layers We Offer:

Below are examples of the data sets that can be provided simultaniously in a single collection. Knowing where to direct scouting efforts is the first step to information-based agronomy techniques.

Putting It All Together

By utilizing the various field-data layers it is possibe to build management zones for use as a scouting aid and/or variable rate/site-specific applications among other geo-referenced spatial applications. Further more, should an area be identified requiring more attention, a soil and tissue sample can be collected.
  1. Weed Maps
    Weed Maps
    Weed location and density is isolated from the background, allowing for targeted eradication.
  2. Plant Health
    Plant Health
    Measurements pertaining to relative biomass and photosynthesis activity are important factors in determining crop areas that may need more attention.
  3. Population Counts
    Population Counts
    Knowing the economical impact of your current stand is an important factor in making replant decisions. We provide highly accurate information making your decision easier.
  4. Smart Mapping
    Smart Mapping
    User defined areas can be isolated for further analysis and/or treatment. Examples may include irrigation leaks, volunteer crops, drown-out areas etc...
  1. Collection
    Proper data collection techniques lay the foundation for accurate information. Our imaging systems allow for accurate temporal comparisons and assure a high level of precision.
  2. Processing
    Our local processing methods allow for the fastest processing times currently available. Often Less than one hour to just a few, is all it takes from field to your hands.
  3. Interpretaion
    Collected data is often interpreted in the field for a quick response, from time to time further study may be required to deliver an accurate depiction of the field data.
  4. Delivery
    Your data and imagery that we collect is highly portable. We always send you a pdf report and can export your data for precision integration in common formats: .shp .kml & GeoTiff. while working closely with our friends at Heartland Soil Services LLC.
  5. Collaboration
    Your imagery holds valuable information within it. We firmly believe that this is most valuable when in the hands of skilled individuals. For this reason we are happy to work with your trusted advisors when basing decisions on your data. We will go above and beyond to insure your satisfaction. We hope you will find aerial imagery to be as valuable as we do.
  6. Continual Ed. and Research
    We are often working with extension agents, other businesses and researchers to further the development of agricultural remote sensing. If you have a project you would like our help with, please don't hesitate to ask. Our job is to make yours simpler, if there is something we can do better than we did yesterday, feel free to drop us a line.