Midwest Unmanned Aerial Services LLC (Midwest UAS)

Consulting Services

Through our own research, we have spent countless hours evaluating different hardware and software options for aerial imaging, digital surface mapping, 3d modeling, and many other use cases for aerial derived imagery. We would like to help you and your business or agency realize the benefits of aerial imagery, mapping and modeling through the use of small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS). Keep scrolling to learn more about how we can help you today!

Government And Civic Services
Whether you work for a division at a government office or are sheriff of your county department, if you serve the people we can help increase efficiencies and lower costs by transitioning some of your operations from more traditional methods into more up-to-date, efficient and cost effective methods. 
Businesses across all facets from service to real-estate to advertising can benefit greatly by adding aerial imagery and data collection into their work flow. We want to help you to add value to your offerings! If you or your agency has been thinking about incorporating drones into your business, we have expert knowledge pertaining to the software and hardware both new and well established within the industry. Please don't hesitate to CALL US  today and inquire about the first steps. 
Some examples may include: Mapping city streets for visualizing construction plans, or before/after imagery or new construction. Documentation of accident scenes through aerial imagery and 3-D modeling or search and resuce support. If your agency has been looking into adding aerial imagery via drones, we can help make that transition as smooth as possible. 
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